Our Stained Glass Windows

Our building is blessed with an abundance of colorful stained glass windows.  Some are images that are significant in Christian or Lutheran tradtion while others combine to tell the story of Jesus' life among us and the lives of those who have followed him.  Below is a sampling of those windows...we invite you to come visit to see them all!


Perhaps the most compelling of the windows we have at Central are the series that run along the walls of our sanctuary.  They begin toward the front on the left side, run all the way to the back in sets of two, then continue from back to front on the other side of the sanctuary.  A main event from the life of Christ is depicted in the upper middle section of each panel and is supplemented by additional symbols of Jesus and the church above and below it.  Of course, to get the full effect of the beauty of these window, you might want to consider seeing them in person!


The first set (left) introduces "The Annunciation" on the left and "The Nativity" on the right.  The Annunciation depicts the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary to tell her that she will give birth to Jesus, the Messiah.  The Nativity shows Jesus after he is born and as he rests in a manger.



The set to the right illustrates the "Baptism of our Lord" by John the Baptizer. The panel to the right represents Jesus calling his first disciples, Peter and Andrew. (James and John are suggested in a second boat above Christ.)




The third set of panels (left) highlight two of Jesus' miracles: Feeding the Five Thousand (l) and Calming the Storm (r).  They are surrounded by references to parables that Jesus told in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.


The fourth set (right over there ---> ) present two of Jesus' great "teachable moments":  The Sermon on the Mount and The Transfiguration.  Jesus used each event to teach his disciples more about his mission and authority.  Additional symbols representing these things appear in the windows.

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