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Hi again –

Isn’t it exciting when you find something that is both less expensive AND more convenient?! We think so! So, let me introduce to you…

The “ELCA Giving Tool by” is a fun new discovery for us here at Central. You can download the app from Android’s Play Store and the Apple Store. Once you download and open it, simply select your church, Central Lutheran Church, Spokane, WA. Once you’ve done that, the fun begins. You can:

-          Make a gift to Central directly from your phone, one time or recurring, checking or debit/credit card, to the fund of your choice

  1. oRight now, you can use the “Give to:” dropdown menu to give to Central’s General Fund, Lutheran Disaster Response, or the Clothes Closet
  2. oYou can choose to cover the processing fee for card usage as well…fees with are less than Vanco charged
  3. oYou have control over every aspect of your giving
  4. oCentral does not receive or store any of your information…it all goes through’s secure encryption system
  5. oYou can change it anytime you want to
  6. oBut wait, there’s more…

-          On the menu bar at the bottom, you can…

  1. oFollow the ELCA’s twitter feed, staying on top of the latest word,
  2. oAccess “Living Lutheran” magazine and all its feature articles
  3. oOpen the latest news releases from the ELCA
  4. oUnder the “More” menu, you can even connect with the ELCA’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube channels

So, we will be taking the next month or so to change over to for our online and electronic giving options. If you are currently using Vanco/Simply Giving, log into your account and cancel your payments. Then open the app and set up a new one right from your phone. (If you need helping making the change over, call Lisa.) If your using a bank account to automatically send your offering to the church, do nothing. That can continue as usual. The app will give you the flexibility to make additional offerings at special occasions or if the Spirit moves you. We are hoping to be completely changed over by the end of the year.

The app will also feature a registration option for events and trips. You will be able to both sign up and pay on the same site!! We might have to go to a hockey game or something to try it out!

Anyway, go to your app store and download it TODAY! (How was that for sounding like an infomercial?!) Even if you decide to NOT use it for giving, it has other features that will help you keep up-to-date with our larger church and the work we do together through the ELCA.

Looking forward to hearing what you think about it!

Pastor Dave


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