Greetings, everyone –


Due to the extreme temperature expected for tomorrow, we are going to give you extra encouragement to stay home and cool by closing the office at 1pm. I know that it’s not the heat alone but the air quality that is making things particularly difficult for many people. If you do need to go out, please take whatever precautions you need to in order to be safe.


Les passed away earlier this week and his funeral has been scheduled for Saturday the 11th at 10:00 a.m. Both Les and Donna have experienced declining health in the last couple years and haven’t been able to attend as regularly as they have traditionally. Please keep the family in your prayers and join us on Saturday morning to hear once again our God’s promises of life and salvation in Jesus Christ.


NOTE: Council meets this Sunday at 9am in the pastor’s office.

Coffee Hour: The Dahlke family

Special Music: Derek Dahlke

Peoples’ Choice Hymn: Shall We Gather at the River

In Worship: At some point in life we all struggle with wanting a “god” that we can keep in a bottle, call out whenever we want, and have our wishes granted. The nature of sin is that we want to control as much as we can, even God. This perspective spells trouble. The God of heaven and earth won’t be kept in a bottle, magically available when it suits us. Subsequently, we fill our “spiritual bottles” with a host of other “gods” that ultimately prove to be life-denying. We Christians will never trap God in a bottle but Jesus does offer to live in our heart. Today’s Great Question: Is There Only One God?


J. Hudson Taylor wrote, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” The message from this statement is that God has given his people all the material and spiritual resources needed to accomplish his purposes. When we do God’s will, he will supply, through us, all the resources that are needed for his Church (2 Corinthians 9:10-11). He wants us to be his channels through which the gifts needed for his work will flow. By God’s grace, we can be faithful stewards who willingly share our gifts for God’s work.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I come to you as a humble grateful servant who gives you praise and thanks for who you are and all that you have done and continue to do for me. Help me to know the work which you have laid before me. I pray that you will help me to be a faithful steward of all the blessings entrusted to my care. In Christ’s name I pray. Amen.

Blessings on your stewardship journey!

See you in worship!


Pastor Dave

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