Online Giving

Welcome to our brand new online giving page! There are a number of things you can do here.

Let's say you're out of town and want to make sure your offering still makes it to worship. Or you've been blessed with some additional income and you want to share. Or you want to make a gift in honor or in memory of someone. You can even make special play tickets or book orders from time to time.  You can click here - Give Now  When you offer your gift, you'll have the option to make it a one-time gift or a regularly scheduled one.


Who knows? You may even be able to pay for your lefse online this fall! The options are many and varied and we are happy to provide this service to everyone.


When you get to the online giving page, you'll notice on the right side of the page an opportunity to create your own personal login for the page. This will enable you to log on and adjust your giving (if applicable) whenever you like without having to contact the church office. You can also print out a giving record which will include all your gifts to any of the funds.


We are also excited to announce that a 'Giving Kiosk' is now available in the entry area. You can do anything on the kiosk that you can do on the web page...just more quickly and easily! Forget your check for offering or lefse? Just step up to the kiosk, select what you want to give or pay for, and swipe your debit/credit card and you're done! (By the way, Lisa can now accept card payments in the office, too!)


If you think you may miss church services due to travel or other commitments, consider setting up an automatic giving schedule. Your consistent support is vital to our church, especially during the summer months. To set up a recurring contribution, just click the "Give Now" link above and use the "Donation Frequency" option to choose "weekly" or "monthly."


And...thank you!

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