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Sunday, Aug 20

11th Sunday after Pentecost


In Isaiah we hear that God’s house shall be a house of prayer for all people and that God will gather the outcasts of Israel. The Canaanite woman in today’s gospel is a Gentile, an outsider, who is unflinching in her request that Jesus heal her daughter. As Jesus commends her bold faith, how might our church extend its mission to those on the margins of society? In our gathering around word and meal we receive strength to be signs of comfort, healing, and justice for those in need.

Readings and Psalm

We Are Beggars, This Is True

“We are beggars; this is true,” are reported to be Martin Luther’s last written words. Christians are “beggars” for God’s grace, undeserving but graced nonetheless. A beggar’s faith focuses not on what is given or accomplished or believed, but on what is received: the healing and sustenance desperately longed for and needed.

In today’s gospel, the Canaanite woman is such a “beggar” for Jesus’ healing for her daughter. She is denied a place at the table at first, but she will accept even “crumbs” in the faith that Jesus’ healing power and love are intended even for her. As a Gentile outsider, she inhabits the margins of Jesus’ mission to the “lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Jesus’ eventual response to her beggar’s faith reveals that the love of God even encompasses the margins.

Marginalized or not, we are all beggars before God, as Paul reminds the Romans—all “imprisoned in disobedience” and dependent on God. Thus, our sense of “insider” and “outsider” crumbles in the face of our common need and God’s abundant mercy to all. Instead of dividing people between those who have a place at the table and those who get crumbs, we have an opportunity to share hospitality with our fellow beggars.

It can be challenging to see ourselves as beggars. Today the Canaanite woman becomes our model, as she persists with both humility and audacity. As disciples of Jesus and “beggars” for God’s grace, we live the same paradox of humility and audacity, boldly coming to Jesus and humbly acknowledging our need. Even though crumbs from God’s table would be enough for us, we are offered instead the abundance of Jesus’ own self in bread and wine and invited to share this abundance with insider and outsider alike.



Ann and Alice

Ellie and Alice







        Thanks to Alice and                                                    Thanks to Alice and

           Ann Benson for                                                        Ellie Brueggemeier for

    providing special music on                                       providing special music on

      on Sunday, August 13th                                                Sunday, August 13th


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Chancel Choir

 First Rehearsals is Thursday, September 7th!

 We Need YOU!!


The Chancel Choir at Central is truly unique and very special for a congregation of our size. If you haven't sung with us before or not for a while, please join us this fall. Worshipping with you from the pews this summer, I heard many quality voices who I’d love to have in the choir. Chancel Choir’s first rehearsal will be Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 7:30 pm. We will be preparing for Rally Day, Sunday, September 10th, and introducing the “fall lineup” of anthems. 

I am looking forward to the new program year and I feel called to be a good steward of the gift that is the Central Lutheran Chancel Choir. Last year was an exciting year. We started with the Reformation Celebration with the Roman Catholic Choir from the Madeline Church of Portland and ended with our top anthem Sunday in June.  


I want to work with each of you to make the choir a blessing to our congregation and to glorify God in all that we do. 


Singers, if you can’t be there Thursday night, the 7th, please still come Sunday morning because the anthem we will be singing is one we have sung before and easy to put together during the 10:10 am Sunday morning rehearsal.  


Again: please join

 Paul Brueggemeier (Questions?  email Paul at paulsueb@gmail.com)

                                     DATES TO REMEMBER


Central’s Community BBQs are back & we’re

grillin’ up a good time!


Please join us


Wednesdays at 6pm  

(beginning June 21st)

Hotdogs are provided.


Please bring a side dish to share; sign up at www.clspokane.iVolunteer.com on our website.


All are welcome!


Save the Date — Saturday, October 7, 2017

 Last year we had an opportunity to come together to celebrate the many ministries we share at Central Lutheran Church at the 2016 Stewardship Dinner.   This year, your stewardship team is planning to offer another edition of the dinner. We are determining a menu for the dinner at our next meeting. We are hoping to get more people involved in shaping the whole evening. Be willing to help if you are asked… in fact don’t wait to be asked. Please talk to Gary Dahlke, Sandy Fink, Kathie Phillips, Elvira Henderson or Paul Brueggemeier. We want to make it better, different and inspiring: Save the date and join with us to make it happen!


October 29, 2017 at 2:00 PM


Multi-Church Reformation Celebration


Janice Newell Memorial Hymn Festival


CLCW Dates for Bazaar Preparations

Crafting - Wednesdays starting March 8th until the Bazaar from 9 to Noon

  Lefse    September 11 - 15

Lefse          October 9 - 13

Meatballs        October 17

Cookies    October 23 - 27


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