Welcome to the Central Lutheran Church website. (If you'd like to check out our Facebook page, click here.)  We hope this site will help you learn more about us and our witness for Christ. We strive to recognize and nurture the Christ in ourselves and each person that we encounter along the way. Our church is a thriving community of believers, and lovers of the word of God. Central has a long tradition of outreach and service to its members and the community. We hope you will join us for service on Sunday to experience for yourself the fellowship of Christ.


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Here's what's going on at central... 


Mark Your Calendars:



                                   Maundy Thursday, April 17

                                              Worship with Holy Communion,7:00pm   


         Good Friday, April 18 

               Worship, 7:00pm


                  Easter Vigil, April 19                 

                   Worship with Holy Communion, 7:00pm




         EASTER SUNDAY , April 20 

               Easter Breakfast, 8:45am

               Worship with Holy Communion,10:30am

               Easter Egg Hunt and Fellowship, 11:45am

Women of the ELCA -- Spring Tri-Cluster Meeting, St. Luke Lutheran Church, Saturday, April 12, 2014. 

Family Game Night -- Friday, April 25th at 6:30pm.

Lutheran Campus Ministry at EWU Annual Auction here at Central --

Saturday, April 26, 5pm – Tickets are available in the church office.


NURSERY STAFF AVAILABLE FOR HOURLY CHILDCARE --  Our capable nursery staff are available for offsite childcare as your needs arise.  Their contact information is available on the bulletin board at church.  If you’ve enjoyed and appreciated their service during the service, why not give them a call when you want a night out? 


Volunteer for Church Activities -- clspokane.ivolunteer.com -- we use this site for all our volunteer needs at Central, from activity sign-ups to helping with Sunday mornings! Check it out!!

Sounds of Music and Bells

Want to hear the sounds of music?  To listen to the sounds of music at Central --   the Chancel Choir, the Bell Choir, the new Carillon.  To enjoy the postlude played on April 6th. Click here  More coming soon!

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Pastor Dave's "Weekly Update"

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Looking ahead to Sunday, April 20
Resurrection of Our Lord: Easter Day



On this day the Lord has acted! On the first day of the week God began creation, transforming darkness into light. On this, the "eighth day" of the week, Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. We celebrate this new creation in the waters of baptism and in the feast of victory. With great joy we celebrate this day of days, even as we begin the great fifty days of Easter. Filled with hope, we go forth to share the news that Christ is risen!



Acts 10:34-43
    God raised Jesus on the third day
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
    On this day the LORD has acted, we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Ps. 118:24)
Colossians 3:1-4
    Raised with Christ to seek the higher things
Matthew 28:1-10
    Proclaim the resurrection

Hidden with Christ

Easter turns the world upside down. It defies our expectations with hiddenness and bluntness: Mary does not recognize the resurrected Jesus (John 20:14), the good news is heralded by an earthquake and terrifying angels and is brought to the women of the church first, rather than to the Twelve (Matt. 28:1-10). The radical reversals prophesied in scripture and revealed in Christ's life and ministry culminate in the good news we proclaim today: Christ, through death, has triumphed over death. "The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone" (Ps. 118:22).


Easter offers the mystical possibility of transformation in every moment. In this season, what is dying and what is being born? For our communities? For our families? For our world? What is breaking open like a seed to die (John 12:24) so that new life might thrive?


The theme is framed candidly in Colossians: "You have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3). In the season of Easter, we are invited to allow old husks to fall away so that Christ's new life may emerge. This part of the resurrection story is strange, unsettling. We are invited, after all, to share fully in Christ's death as well as his resurrection (Rom. 6:5; 2 Cor. 4:10-11). Terrifying, but in the mystery of the Holy Spirit's work in us, we receive it as hope (1 Peter 1:3).


On this Easter day, we are honest about how God is stirring us to transformation, and we may be called to faithfully lament the letting go. Almost simultaneously, as we embody Christ's resurrection in the present, we celebrate it with great joy (Matt. 28:8). In our desire to be hidden in Christ's abundant life (John 10:10), we can even name seasons of suffering as Christ's resurrection emerging (Phil. 3:10).





 The nursery is open and staffed with  our nursery attendants…Sicily, Selena, and Emily…are doing a great job.  The nursery is open from 9-12 each Sunday during the worship service!  Whether you have kids for the nursery or not, why not stop in and chat with our nursery staffers on Sunday!


Meet Pastor Dave

Our Pastor, David Kappus, has been an inspiration to our community and our congregation (just ask him, he'll tell ya!).  Pastor Dave's sermons often include insightful stories that have real-life meaning, scriptural relevance, and even the occasional reference to Star Trek.



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Pastor Dave's sermons from Sunday, April 13th and April 6th, as well as his Homily from Thursday, April 10th are available by clicking here.

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