Welcome to the Central Lutheran Church website. (If you'd like to check out our Facebook page, click here.)  We hope this site will help you learn more about us and our witness for Christ. We strive to recognize and nurture the Christ in ourselves and each person that we encounter along the way. Our church is a thriving community of believers, and lovers of the word of God. Central has a long tradition of outreach and service to its members and the community. We hope you will join us for service on Sunday to experience for yourself the fellowship of Christ.




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*Wednesday BBQs at 6pm through August 26!*

On our last Wednesday of July, we had over 40 people at the BBQ! It was wonderful…BUT…we ran out of food to give them. We kept grilling the hot dogs and putting them on buns but there was little left to have with them for the last dozen or so people in line. Please consider providing a salad type dish or a dessert to help us supplement the hot dogs and chips we provide. Sign up at www.clspokane.ivolunteer.com/wedbbq_002.



Ernie Buckler shared special music on

Sunday, July 26.

He sang, "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream"

To hear some of the latest preludes and postludes by Alice and to hear recent bell choir anthems and choir anthems from Anthem Sunday,

click here Music Selections and scroll down the podcasts.

Pastor Dave's "Weekly Update"

Check out Pastor Dave's "Weekly Update" by clicking here.


We are collecting school supplies to help our local kids prepare for the coming school year. If you are out shopping for your kids or grandkids and could pick up some extra supplies to help another child, it would make a world of difference for them. There will be a bin with “School Supplies” marked on it. Just drop off your donations and we will get them to Lutheran Community Services, the Salvation Army or whoever might be able to use them.



New Addition to the Chancel

Grand PianoMany of you have commented on the beautiful sounds of the grand piano we now have in the chancel.  Thank you to all of  you who donated or pledged toward its purchase...we have all that we need! It has truly been a blessing to our worship and we look forward to its continued use.   


Opportunities at Central -- To view the pamphlet click here Opportunities at Central - tri fold June 7A 2014.pdf


Volunteer for Church Activities -- clspokane.ivolunteer.com -- we use this site for all our volunteer needs at Central, from activity sign-ups  such as helping with Sunday mornings! Check it out!!


Here's what's going on at central... 


*Wednesday BBQs at 6pm through August 26!*

Chancel Choir Begins

Thursday, September 10th -- 7:30 pm

All are welcome -- WE Need YOU!

*Dates for Bazaar preparations are as follows:*


Lefse — Sept 14th – 18th

                        We will need people to roll, bake, sort and package. Set-up for lefse is

                        Sept 9th.        A sign-up sheet will be available in the Fireside room.


Cookies (Scandinavian Cookies) – Sept 28th – Oct 2nd

                        28th = few people for batter and dough

                        29th = These people are available to make the following:

                                    Russian T Cakes – Edna & Colleen

                                    Date Filled – Janice & Carole Nichols

                                    Spritz – Joan Schmitt, Pat Lundquist, Mary Robinson, Sharon Smith,                                                             Elvira Henderson

                                    Waffle Cookies – Joan Schmitt

                                    Peanut Brittle


Lefse — Oct 12th – 16th

                        We will need people to roll, bake, sort and package. Set-up for lefse is

                        Sept 9th. A sign-up sheet will be available in the Fireside room.


All are invited to add their own special craft items to the Bazaar.



NURSERY STAFF AVAILABLE FOR HOURLY CHILDCARE --  Our capable nursery staff are available for offsite childcare as your needs arise.  Their contact information is available on the bulletin board at church.  If you’ve enjoyed and appreciated their service during the service, why not give them a call when you want a night out? 


Sounds of Music and Bells

Want to hear the sounds of music?  To listen to the sounds of music at Central --   the Chancel Choir, the Bell Choir, the new Carillon and Alice playing various organ pieces click here and scroll down the listing.


Photo Galleries

Take a look at the new "Photos" --  "VBS 2015," Felix Mendelssohn's "Elijah," "Children's Church,"  "It's A Wonderful Life,"  "Dishman Mica Hike," "Outdoor Services," "ABC Picnic," "Summer BBQs", "Seven Last Words of Christ Presentation," "God's Work Our Hands," Scandinavian Bazaar," "Decorating the Church for Advent/Christmas," and "Advent Fair"  by clicking here.


You can now make a contribution to the work of Central Lutheran through our website by clicking here.  You may use your PayPal account or the credit/debit card of your choice.  (And thank you!)


Looking ahead to Sunday, Aug 2

Tenth Sunday after Pentecost


Apparently not satisfied by Jesus’ feeding of thousands, some who were there press him for a sign of his power; perhaps it is daily manna they want. As always in John’s gospel when people want a sign, Jesus offers himself. He is the bread come from heaven to give life to the world. He calls us to come to him and believe in him, and through that relationship to know the one who sent him.


Readings and Psalm

From Rumbling Tummies to Living Bread

Today’s texts move us from rumbling tummies and flaring tempers to a refocusing on the blessings poured out and the primary benefactor. We see the gifts of God, which come in a variety of ways: physical nourishment, roles and talents lifted up in community, new life given now and into the ages of ages. We find that the gifts are responses to various actions?complaining, building for the future, longing for signs of promise and hope. Yet each of these actions and the gifts mean little if we are not able to see the one who is the giver and to recognize that the gifts are not merely about what we can do to get them or what signs are needed to prove them; rather, it is about trust in God, who is the source of life and living?the one who provides the true bread from heaven. Our role in this story is to tell the history of God’s giving, similar to the psalmist. It is to open our eyes to the way the bread of heaven is sustaining us today, physically and spiritually. And as a community living in God’s promise, we look to the one God sends to us as the bread of life. In many early Hebrew and Greek writings, the stomach was a driving force and a place where hope and faith were lodged. The readings point us to see how a longing for food opens a greater dwelling place for the gifts of faith and promise. From our physical depths we are called to experience a greater spiritual reality.


The nursery is open and staffed with  our nursery attendants…Sicily, Selena, and Emily…are doing a great job.  The nursery is open from 9-11 each Sunday during the worship service!  Whether you have kids for the nursery or not, why not stop in and chat with our nursery staffers on Sunday! 


Meet Pastor Dave

Our Pastor, David Kappus, has been an inspiration to our community and our congregation (just ask him, he'll tell ya!).  Pastor Dave's sermons often include insightful stories that have real-life meaning, scriptural relevance, and even the occasional reference to Star Trek.



Our Newsletter

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Listen to Recent Sermons

Pr. Dave's sermons from the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost (July 19th) and the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost (July 12th), and Pr. David Olson's sermon from the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost (July 5th) are available by clicking here.


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