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   Worship Schedule


        People's Choice Hymn:  #661 -- I Love to Tell the Story

               Fellowship at 12:00pm   


Congregarional Meeting after Worship

Sunday, June 24th

Topic:  Approval of Expenditures for Outside Lighting and Security



In the past, we have seen a change in worship time for the summer. At the adult forum where we discussed moving our worship time, the 40+ people in attendance suggested that we keep the same 11am worship time for the whole year and then re-evaluate in the fall. That said, there IS an early service available for those of you for whom the earlier time is the important factor. In talking with Asher, he is more than happy to have you attend the 9am service with Communitas. You will find that their worship has recognizable elements (they were opening worship with “A Mighty Fortress” last week) and you can drop your offering for Central in the lockbox by the mailboxes. He will be encouraging Communitas members who prefer a later time during the summer to join us at 11am. We might even do our own little version of a “pulpit swap” during the summer. So…you have options.



This is going to be a summer of “Great Questions.”


June – “Great Questions: About Stewardship”

June 3 – “Why Be Thankful?”

June 10 – “Am I Accountable to God?”

June 17 – “What Will You Do With Jesus? What Will You Do With All God Gave You?”  To read Pastor's sermon Click here

June 24 – “Is There Life After Death?”





Central 's Atmosphere/Facilities Draw Outside Groups to Perform


This past Wednesday, the Le Donne Choir performed at Central with the Canterbury Belles from Ferris.  There are 55 singers in Le Donne, 18 Canterbury Belles and there were over 225 in the audience. Several Central members are singers with LeDonne!  Very cool.  Many compliments on our facility too. 


This is but one of the ways Central is reaching out to our community.  It takes a lot of effort and work to make it possible and special thanks should be given to Paul Brueggemeier who coordinates and helps to ensure that our facilities are ready for these outside groups.  Several memnbers of the chancel choir also assist Paul in setting up the chancel area to accommodate these groups.  Thanks to all!!!

Le Donne ConcertLe Donne Concert2

Le Donne Concert3Le Donne Concert4   



Sunday, June 24

5th Sunday after Pentecost



Now is the acceptable time; now is the day of salvation! Now we are in the storm, the boat almost swamped; but Jesus is here now, and when we call him he will calm the storm. Even the wind and waves listen to him as they would to their creator. We also listen to him and are called to believe in the power of God’s word in him, a power greater than all that we fear.



Readings and Psalm


Who, Then, Is This? Our Only Help.

As the disciples set out together in the boat with the sleeping Jesus, a great windstorm arose so that the boat became swamped. As we set out in mission together in the ship of Christ’s church, how many storms arise! The elements of chaos still seem to wreak havoc in our lives, communities, and in the church—and we become terrified. Though Christ is present the disciples and we ourselves begin to doubt his care and power: “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” His presence seems far too weak to help us, though it is exactly in this vulnerable weakness that Christ shows his almighty power. Jesus wakes at the disciples’ cries and rebukes the wind and waves—they are no match for his command. The terrifying calm that follows demonstrates his divine power over all the chaos that continually threatens us. And we find ourselves awe-struck before the living God who has met us in our weakness and yet overcome it. The Christ who sleeps in the boat is the same Christ who hangs on the cross, seemingly helpless. Yet the helpless one is none other than the all-powerful Lord God. “Who then is this?” but the Lord of all! The God who in the beginning brought order to the chaotic face of the deep now in Christ brings peace as we face the storm. So why are we afraid? Have we still no faith in this helpless Lord who is our only help?


   Chrismon Symbols

The symbols that make up our Chrismons date back to the early church and served to transmit the faith and beliefs of the followers of Jesus Christ.  Each Chrismon is described in scripture and refers to some aspect of Jesus Christ. 

Click here to view descriptions and biblical references  Chrismon Symbols.docx

Click here to review the Chrismon Service Bulletin Chrismon Service Souvenir Bulletin 002.doc


Light on the Liturgy

Why do we worship using the traditional form of the Liturgy?


What does it all mean?


Light on Liturgy 

The topics contained in this pamphlet are short essays on elements of Liturgical Lutheran Worship.  These were shared; one each week, during Sunday morning Worship Services at Central Lutheran Church.  These essays may be freely reproduced for non-commercial purposes with credit and mention of the Light on the Liturgy series and the web page as the source. Authors: Paul Boden, Paul Brueggemeier, Joel Zellmer.  To read this pamphlet click here Light on the Liturgy.docx

Opportunities at Central -- To view the pamphlet click here Opportunities at Central - june 2017.pdf

Music -- Click on Music Presentations to hear the latest of musical presentations by our music staff.  Just scroll down the podcasts to hear the latest musical presentations.  Enjoy!!!   

Newsletter -- to read the current newsletter please click here 6 - June 2018 Newsletter.docx

Weekly Update -- to read the most recent Weekly Update click here Weekly Update



Congregational Picnic

On Saturday, June 16th, we will be meeting at Franklin Park from 12-4pm for a congregational picnic which will include many Lutheran friends from churches around the area. Several Spokane churches will take care of providing the meat and buns and all you are asked to bring is a dish to share and your own eating ware. (You might also want to bring a lawn chair and/or a blanket for seating.) We’ll have a few low-impact activities to share but mostly it’s just a time to enjoy the day and meet up with friends old and new.


Fatih Night with the Spokane Indians


Friday, July 13th @ 6:30 pm

Star Wars and Fireworks Night

   Tickets $11


Easy to order, visit:;dept_id=1601&product_id=92224

or call (509) 343-6886.


Central Lutheran Church Women


Can you believe it? One successful week of lefse is done! We want to thank everyone who worked hard; peelers, rollers, bakers and packagers. It was fun to get together with those of us who’ve been doing this for years and exciting to see the new faces of those who joined us for the very first time! Rest up because fall will be here faster than we think.

Here are the dates for the other bazaar preparations to put on your calendar:

                        Lefse - weeks of September 10th and October 8th

                        Meatballs – Tuesday, October 16th @ 4pm

                        Cookies – week of October 22nd

The weather may not feel like spring is here, but it is and so is our Spring Tea. It will be held on Saturday, April 28th @ Noon. There will be three different courses, each featuring a different tea. Entertainment will be a fashion show, with all fashions being provided by Christopher & Banks. We are in need of 6-8 models to help with the fashion show – please contact Colleen Gilbert if interested.

Tickets for the tea are available for a $10 donation from any of the CLCW Board members (Sharon Smith, Colleen Gilbert, Joan Schmitt, Edna Karjalahti and Elvira Henderson). All proceeds will be given to a local charity. Come join us for a fun afternoon!








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