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BBQ 2014

Central Lutheran Church will once again be offering Neighborhood Barbecues every Wednesday at 6:00 pm.  This community event was highly successful last year as each week Pastor Dave and others presented "Dog of the Week" and church members brought salads and desserts to round out the meal. There will be games for all ages after the meal or chances just to sit and get to know one another each week. 

Donn at the grill!!  Click here to view other pictures from the Summer BBQs.

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Opportunities at Central -- To view the pamphlet click here Opportunities at Central - tri fold June 7A 2014.pdf

Volunteer for Church Activities -- clspokane.ivolunteer.com -- we use this site for all our volunteer needs at Central, from activity sign-ups  such as the upcoming BBQs to helping with Sunday mornings! Check it out!!


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Wednesday Evening (6pm) BBQs

    Music at Central Continues Next Fall

Second Annual


In Memory of Janice Newell

Sunday, November 2, 2014

2:00 pm

Come and celebrate Reformation Sunday with organ, brass, handbells, and voices!

We have taken delivery of the “new” van and its already in use.  If you would like to have it pick you up for Central activities like Sunday services, midweek services, concerts and events, New Vanjust call the office and let us know.  And if you get stuck for a ride to a doctor appointment or eye exam, call us for that, too! And contrary to the picture, it’s not really as big as the sanctuary so call early if you want to be sure to get a spot! And don’t forget…it’s lift-equipped so wheelchairs and scooters are no problem!  Help us spread the word to those in the congregation who may not have email that they can now get a ride to church if they want one!

NURSERY STAFF AVAILABLE FOR HOURLY CHILDCARE --  Our capable nursery staff are available for offsite childcare as your needs arise.  Their contact information is available on the bulletin board at church.  If you’ve enjoyed and appreciated their service during the service, why not give them a call when you want a night out? 


Sounds of Music and Bells

Want to hear the sounds of music?  To listen to the sounds of music at Central --   the Chancel Choir, the Bell Choir, the new Carillon.  To enjoy the postlude played on April 6th; the choir anthem, "The Palms," on April 13th; the Bells playing,"The Strife is O'er," on April 20th; Alice playing various organ pieces click here and scroll down the listing.

Photo Galleries

Take a look at the new "Photos" --  "Seven Last Words of Christ Presentation," "God's Work Our Hands," Scandinavian Bazaar," "Decorating the Church for Advent/Christmas," and "Advent Fair"  by clicking here.


Pastor Dave's "Weekly Update"

Check out Pastor Dave's "Weekly Update" by clicking here.



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 Penticost2 BB




Looking ahead to Sunday, July 27
Lectionary 17 / Seventh Sunday after Pentecost


As Solomon prays for wisdom, we seek to more deeply know the treasures of faith. In today's gospel Jesus offers everyday images that reveal to us the reign of God: a tree that becomes a sheltering home, yeast that penetrates and expands, a treasured pearl, a net that gains a great catch. Even as we seek the riches of God's reign, the great surprise is that God's grace finds us first!


1 Kings 3:5-12
    Solomon's prayer for wisdom
Psalm 119:129-136
    When your word goes forth, it gives light and understanding. (Ps. 119:130)
Romans 8:26-39
    Nothing can separate us from God's love
Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52
    Parables of the reign of heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like . . .

A string of parables describe the kingdom of heaven, and then we hear Jesus' question: "Have you understood all this?" The mustard seed, yeast, hidden treasure, pearls—these bring good news of growth and joy and riches. Then come the fish, the furnace of fire, and the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Once again this week we hear of a God of mercy and justice. Once again there is good news to be heard in Paul's letter to the church at Rome—nothing will ever separate us from God's love in Christ Jesus. How will we reconcile these two images of God?


"Kingdoms" are not common in our world. When most of us think about kingdoms, we call up images of British royalty—Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, jeweled crowns, a palace. At the time the Gospel of Matthew was written, the people were subject to the empire, or kingdom, of Rome. Perhaps the writer wants us to contrast the oppressive rule of Rome with a vision of heaven's kingdom of love and mercy. The translation of the Greek basileia, a feminine word, usually rendered in English as "kingdom" is difficult. The writer of Matthew may have used the expression "kingdom of heaven" instead of "kingdom of God" in order not to offend Jewish Christ-believers who honored the word for God by avoiding its use.


King Solomon asks God for the wisdom to discern between good and evil, for the understanding to live out both justice and mercy as a ruler of God's people. God was pleased with Solomon's request. The wisdom Solomon seeks to rule his earthly kingdom reflects the wisdom of the kingdom of heaven. King Solomon was variously successful in his discernment of good and evil, as are we.




The nursery is open and staffed with  our nursery attendants…Sicily, Selena, and Emily…are doing a great job.  The nursery is open from 9-11 each Sunday during the worship service!  Whether you have kids for the nursery or not, why not stop in and chat with our nursery staffers on Sunday!


Meet Pastor Dave

Our Pastor, David Kappus, has been an inspiration to our community and our congregation (just ask him, he'll tell ya!).  Pastor Dave's sermons often include insightful stories that have real-life meaning, scriptural relevance, and even the occasional reference to Star Trek.



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